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Weekly Meal Plan | girlinthelittleredkitchen.com

Happy Fall you guys!

Who’s excited that Autumn is officially upon us? Go ahead raise your hands, I’m raising mine proudly beside you.  Hands down this is my favorite season. As much as I love my summer foods, fall weather has my heart.  I’m still waiting for those beautiful cool breezy days to kick in (the humidity has been insane and disgusting the last week or two) and the leaves to start changing gorgeous hues of red and orange but when it does I will soak in every last minute.

I also feel like Fall is the time when we all start to really get comfort at home, start cooking more, spending time with family and friends.  The weather is still beautiful but you aren’t as inclined to spend each and every moment outside like you do in the summer.  This is the time for comfort foods, roasts, pastas, soups and more!

New to our meal plan? This is how it works:  I’ve joined together with a few of my favorite bloggers to bring you a weeks worth of dinner ideas! The concept is easy, every Friday check back here (or your email!) to find a new weekly meal plan consisting of 5 healthy-ish seasonal dinners and 2 extras – which can range from sides, desserts, drinks etc. . . This weekly meal plan will help you plan out your shopping list for your weekly trip to the grocery store or farmer’s market and get organized for the week ahead.

Cheddar Beer Soup

Cheddar Beer Soup | Chef Next Door

Honey Chipotle Salmon

Honey Chipotle Salmon | Pook's Pantry

Apple Cider Pork Chops

Apple Cider Pork Chops | Comfortably Domestic

Sweet & Spicy Marinate London Broil

Sweet & Spicy Marinate London Broil | Pastry Chef Online

Rigatoni with Escarole, White Beans and Prosciutto

Rigatoni with Escarole, White Beans and Prosciutto | girlinthelittleredkitchen.com

Restaurant-Style Bloody Mary

Restaurant-Style Bloody Mary | Pook's Pantry

Puppy Chow Popcorn

Puppy Chow Popcorn | Chef Next Door

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