Susan Palmer


Welcome to my little red kitchen! I’m Susan, the cook, baker, cocktail maker, and photographer behind this little corner of the web that I call my own.

Before you ask, yes my kitchen is little and red! When more than two people are in there, it gets a little tight to move around!

I reside in Brooklyn, NY with my husband Braden and the best little pug you will ever meet.

Pug in sunI’m a born and bred New Yorker and I’m proud of that fact! I grew up on Eastern Long Island in a household of enthusiastic cooks.  I learned everything I know from my parents and three older brothers.  It wasn’t unusual for Julia Child, Sara Moulton or any number of cooking shows to be airing on the family television.  My love for food and cooking developed early – from fishing with my dad, to entering the kitchens of the restaurants my brothers worked at and to visiting the local farms all over Long Island.  Our food was made from scratch and with love and I take those memories into the kitchen with me today.

My cooking philosophy is simple, I’m here to bring you good food, with great ingredients that bring you joy.  Whether it’s a dinner that gets on the table quickly, a cocktail to enjoy at home on a Friday evening or a dessert to be shared with friends and family.  My recipes are cooked with seasonal ingredients and purchased locally – well as much as I can do!

Of course all this fresh food doesn’t mean I don’t love my indulgences! I’ll never turn down a bag a fritos and fried chicken makes me weak in the knees.  My biggest weakness is cookies which is why I opened my Bake Shop in September of 2014.

The same great quality that I bring to you at the blog, you can now get at home without the mess.  Order cookies for yourself or as a gift for a special someone.  Who doesn’t love cookies in the mail after all?

Questions or comments? Email me at [email protected], you can also connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.