Weekly Meal Plan – Week 20


Weekly Meal Plan - Week 20 | girlinthelittleredkitchen.com

Who has exciting plans for this holiday weekend? Ready for end of summer barbecues, picnics and last minute beach trips?

I for one hope to finally make it to the beach for the first time this summer and I have to fly all the way to down to Florida to make it happen! Yep, that’s right, I’m skipping town for the long weekend to go visit my parents for a couple of days.  The weather is oddly cool and beautiful for this time of year, fall has most definitely arrived early and I’m going south.  Where it is still hot and humid, my least favorite.  It’s worth it to see mom and dad, enjoy a little sand between my toes and fire the up grill one more time this summer!  We all deserve one more lazy weekend before the last quarter of the year hits and the busy season returns for all.

This time of year is perfect for meal planning too, it’s understandable to slack off in the summertime.  Schedules are unpredictable, the hot weather doesn’t always make you feel like cooking and who wants to miss out on summer activities and vacations?  If you haven’t tuned in yet for our weekly meal plans, I hope you might start now!  This is how it works:  I’ve joined together with a few of my favorite bloggers to bring you a weeks worth of dinner ideas! The concept is easy, every Friday check back here (or your email!) to find a new weekly meal plan consisting of 5 healthy-ish seasonal dinners and 2 extras – which can range from sides, desserts, drinks etc. . . This weekly meal plan will help you plan out your shopping list for your weekly trip to the grocery store or farmer’s market and get organized for the week ahead.

Southern Chicken and Dumplings

Southern Chicken and Dumplings | Pastry Chef Online

Tomato Alfredo Pasta

Tomato Alfredo Pasta | girlinthelittleredkitchen.com

Frisco Melt Burgers

Frisco Melt Burgers | Chef Next Door

Arugula, Butternut and White Bean Salad

Arugula, Butternut and White Bean Salad  | Pook's Pantry

Huevos Rancheros Oats

Huevos Rancheros Oats | Comfortably Domestic

Top Shelf Margaritas

Top Shelf Margaritas | Pastry Chef Online

Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream

Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream  | Chef Next Door

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