CSA Week 18

One of the things I really appreciated last year with our CSA was the end of season survey they sent us.  We were able to let our farmer and core group members know what we liked and dis-liked about the CSA and they were then able to make changes to better operate the CSA.

One of the questions on our survey was what vegetables would you like to see our farmer, Jorge grow.  The two most popular that I remember were carrots and brussel sprouts.  Well, Jorge listened and this week we finally got both!

I am very excited, I’ve waited all season hoping we might get them.  It took until just two years ago for me to really start liking brussel sprouts, but now that I do, I eat them as much as I can while they are in season. 

Also can you believe the size of this carrot?  I’ve included an extra photo comparing it to the baby carrots we give the pug for his afternoon treat.  You should have seen his tail wagging when I showed him the giant carrot. I think he thought it was for him!

CSA Week 18

carrot compare

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