Chocolate Stout Mousse with Whiskey Cream

Beer meets chocolate meets whiskey with Chocolate Stout Mousse with Whiskey Cream – the perfect dessert for all your St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations!

Chocolate Stout Mousse with Whiskey Cream from The Girl In The Little Red Kitchen

Do you feel it in the air?

The first smells of spring?

Warmer weather?

Longer days?

No, St. Patrick’s Day is coming.  The one day of the year where even if you aren’t Irish, you suddenly are! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve fallen down the St. Patrick’s day celebration rabbit hole more than once in my life.  It’s easy to get swept up in all the green and festive cheer on March 17th, especially in a city like New York.   Everyone is Irish that day.

Chocolate Stout Mousse with Whiskey Cream |

Long gone are my days of going out on St. Patrick’s Day here in the city.  I shun the crowded bars and drunken crowds and much prefer the comforts of home.  However the food still calls my name this time of year – like I said, everyone feels just a little bit Irish in March!

Between Shepherd’s Pie,  Beer and Irish Cheese Bread and some braised cabbage, the meal is almost complete.  We just need a little dessert to seal the deal!

Now I know not everything needs to be spiked but let’s face it, it is a little more fun and who can resist silky smooth chocolate mousse with stout and whiskey?

Chocolate Stout Mousse with Whiskey Cream |

I like to think of this Chocolate Stout Mousse with Whiskey Cream as a perfectly poured Guinness in dessert form.   Beer and Chocolate are a natural pairing, as the chocolate really offsets the slight bitterness of the stout beer.  For anyone that says they don’t love beer, I guarantee they will change their minds once they get one spoonful of this dessert.

Plus aren’t they cute? Wouldn’t it be perfect for any St. Patrick’s Day party?  Not to mention these guys are prepared in a pinch! The most challenging part is waiting for everything to set up and I won’t think less of you if you sneak in a spoonful or two before they’re set, I might have done the same myself!


This Chocolate Stout Mousse with Whiskey Cream recipe originally appeared on Food Fanatic.

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