Watermelon Mojito Ice Pops #HolidayFoodParty

Watermelon Mojito Ice Pops Fireworks, sparklers, a backyard barbecue, plenty of watermelon and an icy treat.  These are fourth of July memories of my youth and some I still like to continue as an adult.  The backyard has disappeared into the streets of Brooklyn and that list usually includes adult beverages but the fourth is still one of my favorite holidays.  One major reason is because 9 years ago I met my hubby at a fourth of July party at the Brooklyn Brewery!  We always try to plan something fun and special to do together that day.   Our plans are still undecided but at least I have my virtual party with my favorite holiday food party blogger friends today!

Watermelon Mojito Ice Pops In the tradition of my last two posts with this lovely group I get to say my favorite disclaimer “These ice pops are for adults 21 and over ONLY.” That’s right, more booze in the food is coming your way. When I say Watermelon Mojito Ice Pops, I mean the mojito part!  Yes, yes, you could leave the rum out but where is the fun in that?

Watermelon Mojito Ice Pops Made from pureed watermelon, plenty of fresh mint and just enough cane sugar to make it sweet this is frozen summer on a stick.  Notice the gradient colors in the ice pops?  That’s because I chose not to strain the watermelon pulp.  Despite constantly stirring my mixture while pouring it into the molds it still separated into watermelon juice on the top (technically bottom) and pulp on the bottom.  Personally I love the look, and it ends up with two different tastes and textures as you eat it.

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Watermelon Mojito Ice Pops #HolidayFoodParty
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  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup cane sugar
  • 4 cups chopped fresh seedless watermelon
  • 1 cup fresh mint
  • 1/4 cup rum
  • juice from 2 limes
  • popsicle molds


  1. In a small saucepan bring to boil the water and cane sugar to make a simple syrup. Remove from heat once the cane sugar has fully dissolved.
  2. In your blender, place the watermelon, mint, simple syrup, rum and lime juice. Blend until completely pureed.
  3. Pour into your popsicle molds - you may need to stir occasionally as you pour since the mixture will separate.
  4. Freeze for up to 4 hours or overnight and enjoy.
Recipe Type: Dessert, Ice Pops


I used a mold that contained 10 popsicles and had a little liquid leftover.


Watermelon Mojito Ice Pops

Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop

24 thoughts on “Watermelon Mojito Ice Pops #HolidayFoodParty

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  5. Liz

    What a fun anniversary for you to celebrate each year! Your boozy ice pops look like the perfect way to beat the heat…so pretty, too.

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  7. Nicole

    I am on a popsicle kick and these look just fabulous and I am kind of partial to the fact that they are “adults only” because it means they are mine all mine. Great recipe!!

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  10. Nancy @ gottagetbaked

    Please always make spiked drinks and ice pops, Susan. Life is just so much better with alcohol! These ice pops look awesome – I love the two layers too. Nothing is more refreshing than popsicles, mojitos and watermelon in the summer so you’re brilliant for combining all three! Happy soon-to-be 9 year anniversary of meeting your Hubs!

  11. Kim Bee

    You are a genius Susan. I love these pops. I really love the look of the layered ones like this. And I’ll be stealing your idea to photography pops on ice just so you know. Brilliant.

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  14. Carla

    I’m starting to rediscover my like for watermelon since I convinced myself I hated it for the longest time. I’ve been playing around with my new popsicle molds lately. I’ll have to give this recipe a try!

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