Vanilla Pear Gin Fizz

Cozy sweaters, warm blankets, roaring fires and this Vanilla Pear Gin Fizz is all you need for a perfect fall day.

Vanilla Pear Gin Fizz from The Girl In The Little Red Kitchen

November 1st.

This is it, the race to the end of the year.  The kick off to the holidays, parties, family commitments and general year end craziness. Today may seem like just another normal Tuesday but before you know it your inbox will be filling up with invites, requests and what should we make for Thanksgiving this year emails?

The holiday onslaught has already begun, I walked into Michael’s yesterday, on Halloween and it magically turned into a winter wonderland with autumn decor on clearance and Christmas decorations taking over the store.  On October 31st, I repeat! Can’t we take a small breather? Enjoy autumn just a little more?  It was almost 70 degrees this past weekend, it does not feel like a winter wonderland is coming at all!

Vanilla Pear Gin Fizz |

So now before your calendar completely fills up, I’m calling for a slow down, at least this week.  Before the planning, the pre-cooking, the party going and the holiday shopping.  Stop, relax, grab a book and a good drink.  This vanilla pear gin fizz makes you feel all warm and tingly and sums up what autumn is all about.

The combination of vanilla and pears is just heavenly, it’s a combination that’s meant to be together.  Paired along with gin you’ve got a cocktail that’s crisp like the autumn air and makes you feel like running through a big pile of leaves outside.  You may think you’re too old to be doing a thing like that but after one or two of these easy drinking cocktails you might just change your mind!

Vanilla Pear Gin Fizz |

This Vanilla Pear Gin Fizz Recipe originally appeared on Food Fanatic.

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