Spiced Plum Jam & Gin Cocktail

Ever wondered exactly what to do with that smidge of jam sitting at the bottom of your jar that you just can’t reach with your knife? Wonder no more! Make a jam cocktail like this easy Spiced Plum Jam & Gin Cocktail

Spiced Plum Jam & Gin Cocktail from The Girl In The Little Red Kitchen

The poor poor lonely plum,  squished in between peach and apple season this sweet yet tart fruit always feels like it’s the last one one to be picked for the dodgeball team.

I mean seriously, it’s September the fruit stands are still looking good with end of season peaches, apple and pear varieties galore and the plum.  What are you going to pick?  Sure sometimes you might be in the mood for the pucker of the cheeks when you first take a bite to be rewarded with the sweet fruit that lays beyond the skin but the first apples of the season call your name.

So today I thought we’d give the plum it’s spotlight and what better way than an easy to prepare spiced fall cocktail using plum jam that’s been hiding out in your pantry for far too long.

Jam cocktail you say? That’s right, no need to mash, puree or dice your fruit.  Just simple shake, pour and enjoy! Even better, take that spiced simple syrup, your gin and ice and pour it into your almost empty jam jar to mix and serve.

I’m sharing this recipe over at my gal Kim’s blog Cravings of a Lunatic today as part of her Booze Week festivities.  I simply adore Kim and despite meeting twice we still have yet to manage to spend enough time together.  You have to love a gal who’s willing to put on a week of ice cream recipes galore with you and still want to come back for more.

While you’re there, make sure to stick around and check out some of her other delicious recipes.  She’s a grill master too at Kiss My Smoke, what she does with bacon is simply amazing!

Spiced Plum Jam & Gin Cocktail- The Girl In The Little Red Kitchen

Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop

9 thoughts on “Spiced Plum Jam & Gin Cocktail

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  3. Kim Beaulieu

    Thank you SO much for doing this for me. I am beyond thrilled you were willing to put up with me again. ha!

    I love this drink and really wish my docs would allow me to have alcohol. I have to live vicariously through all you ladies.

    Okay so the next conference we go to we are going shopping, and out to eat, and that’s final. Us gals had way too much fun in Seattle. I barely slept but man did I shop. It was the best conference to date.


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