Raspberry Mint Prosecco Cocktail

Weekend brunching calls for one thing, a fun and easy cocktail to go alongside your eggs benedict.  Skip the mimosa and make a glass of Raspberry Mint Prosecco Cocktails instead! 

Raspberry Mint Prosecco Cocktail from The Girl In The Little Red Kitchen

Dear Allergies,

I don’t love you. I never did. Let’s break up.  Love me.

Who’s fighting the pollen right now?

While spring is glorious right, the side effects currently suck.  There I said it, if anyone thought they were going to get past allergy season clearly they were wrong.  It just came late and frankly, I am not a fan of being woken up from my sleep because I have to sneeze.

Yeah, that happened the other morning and then I ran out of tissues in the box next to my nightstand.  Then the dog woke up early because it all happened around 6:30am.

Feed me, feed me, feed me! That’s what’s going on in his mind and meanwhile I’m stumbling through the apartment half bind, nose running, sneezing more just trying to grab some tissues.

I spy high pollen counts for the next few days too, it’ll end soon right?

I guess in the meantime I’ll stick with the stuffy apartment and close off all fresh air and pollen and keep on with the allergy medicine.

Since I prefer not to be outside I’m watching TV and just finished Daredevil this week. So good, SO GOOD you guys.  You have to watch it, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I do like my comic book movies and it’s rare that a Netflix show has disappointed me.  Plus I think I had a soft spot in my heart for it considering my favorite Mighty Duck was co-starring.

Raspberry Mint Prosecco Cocktail | girlinthelittleredkitchen.com

Before the allergies hit I did mange to get out and enjoy some of the city in bloom.

I’ve learned the best part of being my own boss is setting my own hours.  Tuesdays at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens is free entry, so Braden and I took the morning off two weeks ago to see the cherry blossoms and tulips.  It was a little early for the blossoms, but the magnolias were in full bloom and the tulips were at their peak.  Just look at them,  probably half the photos I took were of these tulips, they are just glorious!

In other news –  wonder why you haven’t heard much buzz on the bake shop lately?

That’s because I was changing up my kitchen space but it’s almost all settled and time to sell again.  In the meantime did you forget to get mom a gift?  There’s still the cookie of the month club! Mom’s like cookies, trust me. 🙂

Speaking of Mom, this cocktail is for her to enjoy this weekend.  Something light, fruity and sparkling.  It took a few tries to get it right but I feel like the perfect notes are met.  Sweet raspberries with fragrant mint are mixed in a dash of bitters and just a little simple syrup to sweeten things up, all of it to be topped off with prosecco.  It only takes a moment to put together, perfect for brunch on Sunday and easy enough to make a big pitcher for the entire family.

Raspberry Mint Prosecco Cocktail
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  • 3 fresh raspberries
  • 3 mint leaves
  • 3-4 dashes bitters
  • 1/4 ounces simple syrup (1:1 ratio water and sugar)
  • chilled prosecco


  1. In a champagne flute or vintage glass tear the mint leaves, add the raspberries and bitters. Muddle until the raspberries are broken up.
  2. Add the simple syrup and fill the glass with chilled prosecco.
  3. Makes 1 cocktail
Recipe Type: Cocktail, Beverage

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Raspberry Mint Prosecco Cocktail |girlinthelittleredkitchen.com

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