Peach Slab Pie

If the crust is your favorite part of pie then you need to bake up some Peach Slab Pie

Peach Slab Pie from The Girl In The Little Red Kitchen

Can someone please explain how it’s the end of July? Can you also please explain this weird summer weather phenomenon that’s going on that’s actually allowing me to keep my air conditioner off and my electric bill low because I.AM.LOVING.IT. 

Oh my god, I just quoted a McDonald’s slogan. 

You know what, that’s okay because getting to walk the pug at 7 in the morning and not already be sweaty and gross is completely worth printing that quote on my blog.  

Something else that I’m completely okay with is knowing that in the next few weeks my kitchen will be overtaken by peaches.  It was around this time last year my CSA exploded with the amount of peaches they were picking from the trees.  Obviously I’m biased because I grew up eating them but Long Island peaches are the best, so this year I’m prepping ahead of time with some Peach Slab Pie.    

Besides canning, pies are next in line for trying to empty out your fruit bowl when you have way to too many to handle at home.  Plus slab pie is basically the lazy woman’s version of hand pie – no need to worry about over stuffing and you still get plenty of crust! 

I’m sharing this recipe today over at Crazy Foodie Stunts and I just happened to have the opportunity to spend quality time with DB a few weekends ago at the Food and Wine Conference.  It was an absolute pleasure to spend the weekend with him and his family and he’s as kind and as gracious as his online persona. 

While we didn’t get to share some pie together, I did have the opportunity to try a dish that DB created as his was the winner of Rosen Recipe Contest the conference offered.  His dish, Peppered Tenderloin of Beef Over Corn Polenta, Frisée Salad and Cabernet Reduction was already my favorite of the Friday night reception before I knew it was his.  It was a joyous moment when we learned he was the creator.   

Be sure to offer hearty congratulations when you pop by to check out the recipe.  

You can also visit DB on twitter, Facebook and Pinterest!

Peach Slab Pie from The Girl In The Little Red Kitchen


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6 thoughts on “Peach Slab Pie

  1. Nancy @ gottagetbaked

    I totally agree with you, Susan – DB’s dish was my favourite that night (I think I ate at least 3 plates) before I knew that it was his. That man is an amazing chef! And girl, I need a pan of this pie right now. Our BC Okanagan peaches are in season right now. I need to stock up on a sack full so that I can make this. Heading over to DB’s to read your post!


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