Fresh Mint Ice Cream with Mint M&M’s #SundaySupper


What type of cook are you? 

Are you someone who only needs a few ingredients to throw something together or are you a spice master with ingredient lists that go down half a page? 

Me? I can go either way.  Some nights all I need are some fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic, pasta and dinner is set. 

Other nights, all 4 burners and the oven is going! 


Our #SundaySupper theme for this week is dishes in 5 ingredients or less hosted by Amber over at  Mama’s Blissful Bites.  We had three freebie ingredients ( or 4 I can’t remember if a fat was included!) water, salt and pepper.  

I went with my mint ice cream mostly because it was already done and I hadn’t had a chance to write it up yet.  I kind of feel like dessert is a bit of a 5 ingredient cop-out but hey – I make french-style ice cream, there are eggs involved!  This is fancy, plenty of fresh mint gives the ice cream a real earthy flavor.  This is cream is not green, and if you’ve never had fresh mint ice cream I ask you to please give it a try – the taste is unlike any mint ice cream you have ever had.  


Oh and those mint M&M’s thrown in?  Yeah, I spotted them Duane Reade and I just had to pick up a bag to add a little crunch and a little extra minty freshness.  Plus I have a weakness for mint chocolate chip ice cream. Best of both worlds!! 


Fresh Mint Ice Cream with Mint M&M's

The key to fresh mint ice cream is letting your mint infuse with your half and half for at least 30 minutes. It adds a little more time to your ice cream prep, but it is time well spent. I had a spearmint on hand, but any variety of mint would work with this recipe. Note though that different varieties of mint will leave you with a different taste in the ice cream.

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  • 3 cups fresh mint, packed
  • 3 cups half and half, divided
  • 3/4 cup granulated white sugar
  • pinch of salt
  • 6 large egg yolks
  • 1 cup mint M&M's crushed


  1. In a medium pot over medium heat whisk together 1 1/2 cups half and half, the granulated sugar and salt.
  2. Cook until the sugar is dissolved and the half and half just begins to simmer - do not boil.
  3. Stir in the mint, remove from the heat and cover. Steep for 30-45 minutes. Strain the infused half and half into a bowl and discard the mint. Add the half and half back into the pot and bring back to a gentle simmer.
  4. In a small bowl whisk together the egg yolks and set aside. While whisking, slowly pour in a little of the re-heated half and half.
  5. Turn the heat to low and slowly drizzle the egg yolks in, constantly whisking and scraping the bottom of the pot. As you drizzle the egg yolks, you will see the custard start to thicken.
  6. Cook for an additional 30 seconds to 1 minute - to test the thickness of the custard, dip a wooden spoon in and run your finger down the back. The line should stay put.
  7. Place the remaining half and half in a medium bowl with a strainer on top over an ice bath. Pour in the custard in and let cool completely.
  8. Churn in your ice cream maker for 20-25 or according to the package directions.
  9. Once finished churning, scoop the ice cream into an air tight container and add the crushed M&M's every few spoonfuls for even distribution. Freeze 3-4 hours prior to serving.
Recipe Type: Ice Cream, Dessert



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54 thoughts on “Fresh Mint Ice Cream with Mint M&M’s #SundaySupper

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  4. diabeticFoodie

    My sister-in-law loves anything with mint & chocolate. I took her a bag of these M&M’s when she was in the hospital after having had my niece. She loved them and I know she would LOVE this ice cream.

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  9. Lane @ Supper for a Steal

    oh my gosh! I want to make this now, but my poor mint plant is recovering from near death, thanks to the hubby not watering it while I was on vacation. Once it recovers I’m going to make a big batch of this. Hope I can find the mint m&ms

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  17. Laura Hunter

    I have some fresh spearmint that needs to be picked from my garden and I think that even though it is now cold outside I NEED a little bit of this ice cream in my life. 🙂

  18. Carla

    I disagree with dessert being a cop-out, being a baking queen myself. Think about your typical dessert – cakes, cookies, brownies, whatever. They are definitely more than 5 ingredients. In the case of my caramel sauce, it is also something I can make in like 5-10 minutes for a quick dessert.

    Anyway, back to you. Mint ice cream is definitely one of my favorites, and M&Ms make it better because they are one of my favorite candies. Pinning!

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    1. Susan

      It is great in ice cream, a much different taste than just using mint extract! Thanks for telling me about your food fight, going over to visit now! 🙂

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