Happy 100th Birthday Julia Child! #CookforJulia


Happy 100th birthday Julia Child!

Today would have marked her 100th birthday and I’m celebrating it with a bang!

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Or I should say, I tried to celebrate it with a bang! To say the least, I had a chicken on the floor of the kitchen moment with my birthday cake for Julia last night.  My cake completely fell apart on me! 


Julia left such left a huge mark on the culinary world, not just with her cookbooks but by also launching cooking on television to a wider audience. I can’t imagine a world without her contributions, and I don’t believe anyone else could either.  

Who else could get as large of a tribute as she has? 

“The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the STEAK to cook.”
This is my invariable advice to people: Learn how to cook — try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, BE FEARLESS, and above all have fun.”

The above quotes from Julia Child are two of my favorites from her.

Be fearless. The most important piece of information to remember in the kitchen. 

For my final #CookforJulia dish, I wanted to make a birthday cake, but I didn’t want do just any cake.  I wanted a mashup of a Julia recipe and a creation of my own.   I’ve always wanted to make a crepe cake and this was the perfect opportunity to. 

However, we can’t always have successes in the kitchen, sometimes there are failures too, but in the end as Julia said be fearless.  Because without it, there would be no experimentation.  

I debated over and over still giving you the recipe, but in good conscience, I just can’t print something that wasn’t successful the in my kitchen.  I know what I did wrong to make the cake fall apart, and to fix it the next time I try this again.  One of these days I’ll get you that crepe cake recipe!


The cake before it started to slip and slide apart on me. 

Before I go, let me at the very least share this hilarious video PBS Food posted yesterday on Facebook – Julia Child remixed.  I lost track how many times my colleagues and I watched yesterday. 


Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop

7 thoughts on “Happy 100th Birthday Julia Child! #CookforJulia

    1. Susan

      It was a crepe cake, until it slid right apart! Lesson number one, keep everything cold. Lesson number two, don’t rush! Lesson number three, 40 layers might have been a little too ambitious!


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