Frito Pie Mac and Cheese – Guest Post at Cravings of a Lunatic

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Oh yeah.  I went there. 

When you are guest posting for a Lunatic, you need to get a little looney yourself.

It’s also a good excuse to cook up some cravings or crazy ideas you concocted on a whim.

It all started because hubs brought home some Fritos.  It’s not a common occurrence, but every now and then the craving hits.  When I eat Fritos, I start thinking of Frito pie.  You know, the popular Texan dish containing chili con carne, Fritos and cheese.   There is a great bar we like to go to in Williamsburg (Brooklyn, not Virginia) that serves up Frito pie, they also let us bring the pug and the bartender always remembers pugsters name, even if it’s been awhile since we were there.

IMG 6611

Dude leaves a lasting impression.  Anyhoo, I digress.  Back to Frito pie.  I love the stuff, it’s good food when you’ve had one too many beers. 

So we are sitting at home munching on the Fritos, my sick mind starts rolling and I pop up, turn to hubs and go – “What do you think of Frito pie mac and cheese? I think it would be awesome.”

Then Kim up and goes across country to drive her son to set up his new apartment.  She needs some guest posters, hello perfect opportunity! It’s the perfect dish, for the perfect blog!

Hop on over now to get the recipe and say hi to Kim while she continues her road trip!

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14 thoughts on “Frito Pie Mac and Cheese – Guest Post at Cravings of a Lunatic

  1. Anita at Hungry Couple

    If there was a bar in our neighborhood that served Frito pie and let us bring Hadley, we would set up laptops and cell phones and never, never, ever leave! Now, having seen the recipe at Kim’s, how do I get through this day without breaking down and making this???

    1. Susan

      How about we just set a date to meet at this bar with the dogs? 🙂 If we luck out the skateboarding frenchie might be in attendance that day! (I’m not kidding about that) Not to mention the frito pie, they also serve free twizzlers and cheese balls. I love this place!

  2. Kristina

    haha omygosh I love everything about that name. Frito Pie Mac and Cheese?? Haha and definitely perfect for Kim’s blog, always so many fun recipes! Hopping over there now… 🙂

  3. Kim Bee

    Susan thank you so much for guest posting for me while I was away. I hop you enjoyed it. I love this recipe so much and your pics are fab. I sent the link to my son so he can try it out. We got him all moved in and settled before we headed home. He just asked for a mac n cheese recipe on the phone so this is perfect for him. So sorry to just comment now. Our vacation turned into a nightmare pretty quickly due to my health so I’m really behind thanking everyone. I’ll touch base via email this weekend. Thanks so much for filling in for me and raising the bar. Love ya. Kim xx


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