Got Bacon? The First Annual Bacon Bash


Got your attention didn’t I?

Indulge me for a moment – this post is slightly off the beaten path for me.  It’s not a recap but a preview to what will be the event of the year for bacon lovers.

iAdventure, the promoters behind Bacon Bash asked if I would be willing to cover the event.

Umm. . .yes? hello? It’s a Bacon event.  Why wouldn’t I want to cover it! (yeah yeah yeah, I’m a bad Jew, I eat the bacon – what do you plan on doing about it 🙂 )

On Saturday, June 23rd at Arena Event Space in Times Square featuring bacon dishes from Little Town NYC, Tommy Lasagna and the all bacon bakery Baconery.

Want go?  Well I’ve got a special 20% discount code for Girl In The Little Red Kitchen readers! Just put in “redkitchen” at checkout.  It’s good for any ticket type and any session.

I’ll be a the 12pm session, so stop by and say hello to the girl in the red dress with a camera around her neck!

Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop

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