The Great GoogaMooga – Part 2

IMG_4608 Are you ready for more Mooga?

Sunday was another day spent in the sun, eating my heart out and listening to some great music and despite not having one bite of lobster all week, plus slathering myself with suntan lotion, I still managed to turn myself into one.

I’m pretty sure I’ve filled my sun exposure quotient for the summer.

I’m just glad our summer vacation will be spent in San Francisco this year, it’ll be nice and foggy – keep that sun off me.  I have my reputation of staying pale year round to keep. 🙂

However, I don’t think you care about my pasty skin, you care of about the food. Let’s get started.

My mission for Sunday, eat – eat as much as I could and not be picky about the places I was going to eat at.  The strategic tactic I took was by finding the line with the shortest, or no line and going there.  This meant, I didn’t get to enjoy the soft shell crab sandwich from Vinegar Hill that everyone raved about.

I could have, but chose to attend the panel on food writing and media at 11:15 hosted by Kat Kinsman from Eatocracy.


IMG_4590 My first bite of food, followed quickly after with the Bianco, Rosso, & Verde ball from Arancini Bros. It was a great first taste of the day, with fresh basil pesto and a beautiful cherry tomato right in the center. 

IMG_4591Keeping up on the basil bandwagon and making sure I stayed hydrated, I picked up a not to sweet but perfectly tart Basil Lemonade from Tia Pol.


Food options - don't these stalls look great?

IMG_4604 After sitting in on a press conference with Eddie Huang from Baohaus on Saturday, I knew I needed to get over there to try his take on General Tsao’s chicken. A nice crisp boneless piece of fried chicken, in a just spicy enough sauce, but not so much that people like me who can’t tolerate heat won’t enjoy it, in a pillowy bun. 

IMG_4611 Next up was the Dirty Duck Dog from craft. Can’t say no to duck! I really enjoyed the tang of the slaw against the smokiness the duck got from the grill. 

IMG_4626 Speaking of sausages, Adam Kaye from Blue Hill at Stone Barns gave a sausage making demonstration over at the Urbarn.

IMG_4659 Still on my sausage kick, I had the smoked pork fennel sausage from Char No. 4.  I loved the sausage and slaw, but the sauce was a little spicy for me to handle.  Luckily for hubs, he was there to help me. 


At this point, I figured I had gone way and above my sodium content for the day, but just to make sure I needed to enjoy the mouthwatering pastrami sandwich at Kutsher’s Tribeca.

Part two of the Hot Sauce Takedown also continued, be sure to head on over to The Takedowns site to find out who won for each day.


IMG_4660 Now it was time for sweets! I pretty much covered my bases the day before and honestly was just craving Melt’s ice cream sandwiches on Sunday. I had the delectable Lovelet, a red velvet cookie with cream cheese ice cream and hubs had the Elvis, peanut butter cookies with banana ice cream. IMG_4661

Wondering about the music? With all the eating I did, I only truly caught two bands in person. The amazingly good Lez Zeppelin.

IMG_4803 And of course the headliners of the night Hall and Oates!


If you’d like to check out the rest of the photos taken from GoogaMooga on Sunday, head on over to my Flickr page.


Hamageddon got angry.

Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop

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