Boozy Mexican Chocolate Milkshakes

Packed full of chocolate, spice and everything nice – sip on these Boozy Mexican Chocolate Milkshakes for a decadent and delicious treat!

Boozy Mexican Chocolate Milkshakes from The Girl In The Little Red Kitchen

Confession time you guys – I’ve been a lazy blogger.  My reasoning? I’m giving you the third boozy concoction in a row.  The upside? Today you get a chocolate milkshake.

I’d give you the usual excuses as to why this has become the cocktail hub (vacation, then sickness, then heat wave, busy with freelance job and bake shop) but truthfully I’m just feeling the drinks vibe lately.

You can get somewhat on board with that right? It’s been a brutal summer and as much as I love to bake with all the summer fruit, the heat produced from my oven in my little kitchen is no match against the a/c in my apartment.

Stay with me though kids, the tomatoes are coming soon enough but for today we have chocolate and tequila.  It’s a worthy trade off if you ask me.

 Boozy Mexican Chocolate Milkshakes |

What’s a girl to do really except make something frozen. . .with chocolate. . .and maybe a splash of tequila.

What’s so special about a chocolate milkshake? It’s just ice cream and milk right?  Well in my world the balance needs to be just right.  The milkshake should be so thick you can barely sip it up through the straw and it should pack a big punch of flavor.

No one likes a watered down milkshake, that’s for sure.   So we need to start with good quality dark chocolate ice cream, if it’s got chocolate chips included that’s an added bonus.  Cinnamon and cayenne give this shake just a touch of heat and that spike of tequila means this Boozy Mexican Chocolate Milkshake is just for the grownups.

Curious how tequila and chocolate play together? Beautifully – there’s some magic science happening when you mix the two together and you end up with a creamy, buttery taste party happening.

Boozy Mexican Chocolate Milkshakes |

This Boozy Mexican Chocolate Milkshake recipe originally appeared on Food Fanatic.

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