Cranberry Champagne Cake

Champagne scented and cranberry filled this Cranberry Champagne Cake is just what you need to finish out the year on a special note. 

Cranberry Champagne Cake from The Girl In The Little Red Kitchen | Champagne scented and filled with cranberry this cake will be the shining centerpiece of any table.

The year is coming to an end and we are going to finish it out the best way I know how – with cake!

Not just any cake though, one that’s full of fizz and sparkle and guaranteed to make everyone ooh and ahh.

I know cookies are traditional to make this time of year but who says you need to stick with tradition all the time?  Why can’t you have a little bit of both? After all there’s something special about building a cake and even more fun if you do it with family or friends.  That to me is where the holiday memories remain. I always remember baking with my mom during this time of year and some things stayed the same but every now and then she’d toss in a surprise dessert.

This year, let it be this cake.  Plus it’s an excuse to pop open a bottle of champagne to sip on alongside while you bake.  Can it get any better than that?

Cranberry Champagne Cake |

I know it might also come of a shock to you that I’m pushing cake.

I’m so not a fancy, multi-layer cake maker but you know what?  With the right pans and a little patience, you can make it work.  Half the hassle is making sure they come out of the pan with ease.  The Circulon® 5-Piece Bakeware Set made my life so much easier, I just might start baking cakes all the time now!  I didn’t even grease these pans, just a little bit of parchment on the bottom and they slipped right out when cool.  How easy is that?

I could wax poetic about my love of these pans but I bet you want to know why else you should take the time to bake a cake right?  Did I mention the cranberry curd or the champagne buttercream? Have I convinced you now?  What about those sugared cranberries that give a tart pop with each bite?  It all seems like a lot of work but it gets divided into two days time with a lot of breaks.

So go ahead and turn on your favorite Christmas movie or crank up the tunes and head over to the Circulon website to get the recipe now!

p.s. Don’t go just yet! Keep scrolling because there’s a chance to win some bakeware of your own!

This post is sponsored on behalf of Circulon®.  As always all opinions are my own and thanks for supporting brands that I work with. 

Cranberry Champagne Cake |

You have the recipe and now you need the tools to make everything!

Circulon® is giving away not only their 5-Piece Bakeware Set but also their 11-Piece Cookware Set (choice of Momentum or Symmetry Chocolate) and their Morning Bird Teakettle.  It’s everything you need to kick off the New Year in style!  To enter go ahead and fill out the rafflecopter widget below.  For a second chance to win, visit Circulon’s Circle’s of Sharing sweepstakes to enter!

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Cranberry Champagne Cake |



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