Girl In The Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop – Now On Kickstarter!

Girl In The Little Red Kitchen Cookie Collage

 Wow. Just wow.  

The Girl In The Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop is officially live on kickstarter and to say I’m a little overwhelmed and overjoyed is an understand. 

In our first day alone I raised 14% of my goal. I mean, you guys YOU GUYS!!! This is so amazing, but I’m not here to gush about that yet (okay maybe a little). 

Let’s talk cookies first and about the bake shop. 

This little shop has been in the works for quite sometimes.  First in my mind and then the actual formation and now reality.  After starting the blog, there was a pull to do more and bring more to you. 

It was after my first and then second cookie takedown win that I finally knew what that thing was supposed to be. 

Share my baked goods, specifically those delicious cookies with all of you! 

Don’t they look delicious? Don’t you want them yourself? You do, you know you want it. 

Signature Chocolate Chip Cookies from The Girl In The Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop


The planning stages began and it was a long road – how to do it, where to do it, when to do it, what to sell.

Things fell into place though, it’s a tough life to have to test batch after batch of chocolate chip cookies but when you have a certain taste in mind you do it until you find it.

I found it. I know you will love it.

I know you will love all the cookies.

These cookies are made with the love and commitment that I bring here to recipes I share with you each week.  Made with the finest ingredients, I’ve sourced suppliers than can bring me organic flours, sugars, butter and eggs.  The chocolate is high quality and fair trade.  The peanut butter in our PB&J cookies is all natural and without added sugar.

The cookies are still a treat but a treat where you can feel good about indulging in.

So how can you help me today?

Support the Bake Shop with 3 clicks

If my independent, small-batch bakery is what you need to perk yourself up after a bad day, as a gift for friends or family, your boss, your clients and even your dog please consider contributing and sharing.  

If you are a blogger and would like to write about the bake shop and campaign, please feel free to shoot me an email with more information.

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3. Contribute the the campaign



Stay tuned for more updates in the next month and thank you to everyone who has helped and contributed thus far! 

Oh and watch the video to learn even more about the bake shop!

Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop

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