Hatch Chile Cheeseburger

Amp up grilling season with this mildly spicy Hatch Chile Cheeseburger

Hatch Chile Cheeseburgers from The Girl In The Little Red Kitchen

How? I mean really how is it possible that after 3 years of blogging I have never presented you with a burger recipe? 

I mean seriously, this is just a  lack judgement on my part.  How can I deny you all that is meaty, juicy, bubbling with cheese and stacked with toppings galore? 

It’s just wrong I tell you. 

Especially because this is one of those things that I make at home a few times a month. 

Shame on me, but not shame on you because just in time for grilling season to start you are going to get one awesome burger. 

Spicy Hatch Chile Cheeseburgers from The Girl In The Little Red Kitchen


I think a large part of my oversight is because my burgers aren’t really recipes per say. I don’t do anything to the meat except to season it before it gets cooked.  In my opinion, when you start adding to the beef (or lamb) then it comes meatloaf, not a burger. 

A burger should just be good quality beef.  Grass-fed, organic, a blend of different cuts. It should taste like beef, not like the freezer section at the grocery store. 

No, what makes a burger special is what goes on top of it. 

So when the nice people at the Hatch Chile Store offered to send me some hatch chiles to try out and play around with, I immediately knew these chiles were meant to get turned into burger toppings. 

This burger is so good, this is the second time I’ve made it, and since I still have hatch chiles left I see this happening at least one more time in my future. 

If you are unfamiliar with hatch chiles they are New Mexican chiles, usually ranging on the larger size from 5-8 inches.  Some are mild but others can really pack the heat.  I opted to go for the medium variety, mostly because I’m a wimp when it comes to spice and even with scraping out the seeds there was a nice pleasant burn.  For people like Braden who can practically drink hot sauce, this was nothing for him. 


Hatch Chile Cheeseburger
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  • 1 1/2 pounds grass-fed beef or organic short rib blend ground beef
  • kosher salt
  • 4 ounces shredded extra sharp cheddar
  • 8 roasted hatch chiles, seeds and stems removed (optional for the seeds)
  • 1 medium vidalia onion, thinly sliced
  • grapeseed or canola oil
  • 6 pretzel or potato rolls


  1. Very gently form the beef into 4, 6 ounce burgers - carefully not to pack the meat too tightly. Season generously on both sides with kosher salt and let sit at room temperature for 15 minutes.
  2. Cook the burgers on your grill or in a cast iron skillet with a small amount of oil according to your preference.
  3. Add the 1 ounce of shredded cheese in the last minute of cooking.
  4. Once finished cooking, remove from heat and tent with foil for 5 minutes.
  5. In a skillet on medium heat, drizzle 1 tablespoon of grapeseed or canola oil and saute the onions until soft and they start the beginning process of caramelization. About 10-15 minutes.
  6. Roughly chop the hatch chiles and add to the skillet, adding a touch more oil if necessary. Continue to cook the hatch chiles and onions for another 5 minutes or until the chiles are cooked through and soft.
  7. Season with kosher salt.
  8. Place the rested burger on the bottom bun and top with the hatch chile mixture, add the top bun and serve while still hot.
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Hatch Chile Cheeseburgers on pretzel bun from The Girl In The Little Red Kitchen


I was provided with free samples of hatch chiles from The Hatch Chile Store but as always, all opinions stated are my own. 
Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop

17 thoughts on “Hatch Chile Cheeseburger

  1. Sandi

    I miss hatch chilies. These were a staple once a year when we lived in Austin. Mexican restaurants would put these giant roasters in the parking lots.

    Thanks for the recipe. It looks amazing and I will have to look for hatch chiles 🙂

    1. Susan Palmer

      I agree, it is perfect timing! I’d probably eat shoe leather if it was on a pretzel roll. Well maybe not but you get the idea. 🙂

  2. christine

    I’ve never heard of hatch chiles, but this burger looks dynamite! I will certainly keep my eye out for them because I would love to dominate this burger 🙂

    1. Susan Palmer

      Thanks Christine! Hatch chiles can be difficult to find but poblanos are somewhat similar and could definitely be substituted for them.

  3. Sarah Caron (Sarah's Cucina Bella)

    I have to disagree a little on if a burger can be a burger if you add things to it. I think seasoning goes a long way — from salt and pepper to herbs, spices and more, you can totally alter the flavor with these simple additions and still have it be a burger. And what about stuffed burgers? But I digress — this burger looks amazing. I haven’t had Hatch chiles before, but oh my — I need to try this.

    1. Susan Palmer

      You make a valid argument. I think my attempts at stuffed burgers have resulted in disappointment, so I usually prefer to keep the cheese on top. Perhaps, just perhaps I’ll give some extra spices a go next time. 🙂

      Although I think I meant more in terms of filler and binder to burgers, then you end up with meatloaf!

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