Feta and Olive Tapenade Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

Enjoy the remainder of tomato season with this Feta and Olive Tapenade Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

IMG_9182.jpg Patience is a virtue and one needed some patience this year when it came to the tomato crop in New York. It took until the last weekend in August for my CSA to bring out the big haul of tomatoes and the wait was completely worth it. 

Dragging home 4+ pounds of farm fresh tomatoes is one of the great pleasure in life.  Of course the best reward was biting into that sweet, juicy cherry tomato and wishing tomato season wasn’t so brief. 

Feta and Olive Tapenade Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes I’ve always been a little tomato fiend; growing up my mom and I used to stop by a backyard farm stand about 10 minutes from our house (seriously, the farm and stand was in the back, you’d never know it was there). Like most independent farm stands it was run on the honor system, take what you need and leave the money in the cleaned out coffee canister.  An elderly couple ran this tiny farm and they had the best cherry tomatoes.  If the wife was around when we stopped by, she’d always comment about how I’d eat those tomatoes up as a child.  

I supposed just like now I couldn’t get enough then! 

Feta and Olive Tapenade Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes All the non-heirloom variety of tomatoes I received from my CSA was immediately turned into sauce, but since my craving has hardly been satiated I ran out to the farmers market to pick up more heirloom cherry tomatoes.  I wanted to make an easy appetizer or even a snack out of them and you can’t get easier than stuffing tomatoes with some feta and olive tapenade.  So whether it’s for a party or to satisfy your own tomato craving whip up these Feta and Olive Tapenade Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes.

Feta and Olive Tapenade Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

Consider this more of a guideline than an exact recipe and adjust for the size of your party.

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  • 1 pint heirloom cherry tomatoes
  • kalamata olive tapenade
  • Bulgarian feta, crumbled
  • Za'atar seasoning


  1. With a sharp pairing knife, cut a small circle at the top of the tomato and remove the core. Either with the knife or your finger, gently scrape out some of the seeds.
  2. Stuff each tomato with approximately 1/4 teaspoon of olive tapenade and top with a piece of crumbled feta.
  3. Season the top with a pinch of za'atar.
  4. Serve immediately.
Recipe Type: Appetizers, Snacks, Vegetables


Feta and Olive Tapenade Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

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