The Better Chip {Sponsor Post}

A few weeks ago, I was asked to taste and review a new chip entering the market call “The Better Chip.”

Always curious about new snacks, especially “healthy” versions of snack chips, I agreed to take on the task.

Before my package arrived, I visited The Better Chips website to find out  a little more about the product.  What makes this chip better than others, is that it is 100% gluten-free, all-natural, non-GMO, made in a nut-free environment, and lactose-free (at least for 3 out of 4 of their products).

When the box arrived, I had a few days lag before I could actually try the chips and take a few photos, with strict instructions to my husband not to eat the chips – because as soon as I told him there was a jalapeno flavor, he was ready to dig in!

I have to admit, I was a little disappointed that they didn’t send their original flavor, I’m not always a huge flavored chip fan, except for my beloved salt and vinegar but The Better Chip changed my mind.

They included samples of the following: 


Red Pepper and Salsa Fresca


Japaleno and Sea Salt


Sweet Onion and White Cheddar

 The first thing I did before tasting the chip was flip over the packing and check out the ingredient list. While many companies claim to be “all-natural” there are still ways around that claim and I was curious how many artificial products were actually listed. 

To my pleasant surprise, the first ingredient was corn masa flour, then the oil for frying, then Red Bell Peppers.  Actual Bell Peppers! Jalapenos are listed for those chips, the same for the onion ones! Color me impressed! While they do list many additional seasonings and seasoning powders, they at least tell us what exactly is in those “seasoning mixes”



Red Bell Pepper & Salsa Fresca Chip

I most definitely preferred the Red Bell Pepper and Salsa Fresca out of the entire bunch.  They were all good (okay, so I only actually tasted the sweet onion, as I don’t do so well with jalapenos and hubs said it was spicy!) The chip *did* taste fresh, and your eyes aren’t fooling you, you are seeing pieces of bell pepper in your tortilla chip. 


Japaleno and Sea Salt chip

See those green specs – yup those are pieces of jalapenos – this chip is not for the faint of heart. 


Sweet Onion and White Cheddar chip

While none of chips gave off an artificial flavor, if I had to pick one, it would be the Sweet Onion.  This was the only chip that left your fingers with a little cheesy residue – but it certainly wasn’t bright orange! 

Overall, if I saw these in the store, I would pick up a bag.  I was impressed with the quality and taste and it was nice to try a new chip on the market that hasn’t been processed to death. 

FTC Disclosure (because you know, I have to by law): While The Better Chip sent me a lovely box of goodies for free, all opinions in this post are of my own.  No monetary value was exchanged for a review. 
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