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Join me as I recap a beautiful evening in NYC with Chef Michael Voltaggio, incredible food, delicious drinks, an Italian atmosphere and living off the menu with S.Pellegrino.


S.Pellegrino Cocktails #liveoffthemenu


To “Live In Italian” – that was the theme of the evening as S.Pellegrino invited a number of lucky people to the East Village last week for an evening of an indoor garden, live music, cocktails, and an Italian-inspired menu by James Beard Finalist and Top Chef Michael Voltaggio.  

It was the perfect New York City evening, not too hot and cool breeze in the air, just the atmosphere you wanted to soak up while dining al fresco.  

As soon as I walked into the Bathhouse Studios I already felt like I was transported back into Rome.  An indoor garden full of fresh citrus, fruits, vegetables, loaves of bread and beautiful flowers were set up for you to “shop” at.  A bench surrounding the garden of flowers and a Vespa was placed for you to sit down, enjoy the surrounding and one of the cocktails made with S.Pellegrino sparkling fruit beverages.   My beverage of choice was the negroni, which I fell in love with during my trip to Italy. 

After a sampling of appetizers which ranged from summer truffle arancini to an eggplant and tomato mousse with parmesan cheese and cold pizza, lardo, tomato jam and pepperoni spice. 

Our appetites were officially wet and ready for the dinner to come. 

S.Pellegrino bartender mixing up cocktails


Soon we were brought upstairs to the the roof deck and let me tell you, it was something out the movies.  Surrounded by buildings, this hidden oasis was free from street noise, full of trees, flowers, ivy and string lights.  If they would have let me, I’d move in right then and there.  It was pure perfection and I knew it was only going to get better as we got a glimpse of Chef Voltaggio plating our first course while walking onto the deck. 

If this was what S.Pellegrino meant about To Live in Italian, I was all for it.  Not only is their mission to transform any meal, at any time, into a delicious celebration of fine food, it’s a recipe for appreciating the best of life.  

After finding our tables, Chef Voltaggio wrangled himself free from the kitchen to speak about the first course and to joke about how he used to steal bottles of S.Pellegrino back in the day when he first started working in a kitchen.  I really can’t blame him for going for one of those green bottles, each bottle is naturally filtered for 30 years by the Italian Alps.  You might just think it’s sparkling mineral water but just like wine, it has a terroir and signature taste.  

Off the Menu Dinner by Chef Voltaggio


I honestly couldn’t wait to dig into dinner after taking a look at the menu starting from the top left corn and going clockwise Chef Voltaggio pulled out some of his best for us.   

For the first course we had burrata, caviar, zucchini noodles, aged balsamic and puffed anchovy.  

Second course was branzino, cauliflower caponata and agretti. 

Third course was mushroom-espresso rubbed shortrib, banana polenta and porcini mushrooms. 

And lastly for the final course, gianduja ganache, rosemary-ash pizelle, caramelized white chocolate, strawberry frozen yogurt. 

I honestly don’t think words, nor photos can really put this meal to justice, every single bite was better than the next.  The short rib was fatty, flavorful and tender enough not to need a knife.  The branzino inspired me to pick up some and cook a whole one at home, and well who doesn’t love a meal with burrata and hazelnut ganache (just not together)!

Chef M. Voltaggio making dessert


So now with all this talk of S.Pellegrino and this incredible meal, I bet you wish you were there right?  Well I can’t recreate the evening again but I do have video! Too bad smell-o-vision hasn’t been created yet, you’ll just have to use your imagination. 

You can however win a chance to dine at one of your chefs favorite restaurants though courtesy of S.Pellegrino! Plus a years supply of S.Pellegrino sparkling water.  All you need to do is enter the S. Pellegrino Off the Menu Sweepstakes by clicking here

For sweepstakes inspiration you can check out S.Pellegrino’s pinterest board or mine below. 
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NYC rooftop

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  2. Jessie Mays

    Hi I was at the OFF the MENU at the Bathhouse STUDIOS.I was one of the contest winners,I was in black outfit,I had gray hair with bun.
    My daughter and I had an excellent time.


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