Manhattan Cocktail Brownies

Manhattan cocktail brownies are here for your happy hour. Who can resist chocolate, cherries, and bourbon?!

Manhattan Cocktail Brownies |

Back in March I found myself in Chicago thanks to one of my freelance clients and the annual Home and Housewares Show. This show — not open to the public — takes place every year in Chicago, shows off new and innovative products in the housewares marketplace. As a housewares lover, I wanted to go to the show for years and lining it up with work seemed like an added bonus.

Attending any trade show can be fun, but also exhausting. There’s long days on your feet, speaking to numerous people and in my case providing in the moment social media access with Facebook live and Instagram stories.

At the end of the day all I really wanted to do was go back to my hotel and sleep but I was in Chicago(!); how could I resist the opportunity for new eating experiences? So I dragged myself back out for just a few hours of walking around to find a good meal and a good drink or two.

Manhattan Cocktail Brownies |

During those nightly excursions I learned a little something about myself: as much as I like trying new and exciting cocktails, at the end of the day I always go for a classic cocktail. Usually an old fashioned or sometimes a Manhattan. Consider it my safety blanket; I know what to expect each and every time and I know I’ll always like it.

Then it dawned on me: I loved classic cocktails, I love boozy baking, it’s time to combine the two together. I also keep a list of recipe ideas in a notebook and for a while I’ve had an assortment of cocktail desserts written down but never tackled. No more!

Manhattan Cocktail Brownies |

What better way to kick it all off than with a rich, fudgy, deep dark chocolatey brownie that also happens to double as a Manhattan cocktail? I won’t lie, this brownie has a kick to it and it’s layered with each component of the Manhattan one-by-one with a little added bonus tossed in.

These brownies start with our bonus of a cherry liqueur mixed into the batter and baked, then while still piping hot the brownies are brushed with sweet vermouth, topped with a bourbon-infused chocolate ganache and finished a cherry on top. Can you think of anything better? Serve it with a Manhattan on the side and your night is set.

 Manhattan Cocktail Brownies |

This recipe for Manhattan Cocktail Brownies originally appeared on Food Fanatic.

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One thought on “Manhattan Cocktail Brownies

  1. Jeff

    Nice! As a Chicagoan, let me be the first to remind you that the brownie was (supposedly) invented in Chicago! Blending it with a Manhattan could only be a better iea if they were also magical, so that biting one would instantly transport you from one of those great cities to the other. And with one more ingredient, they could p[robably transport you to Washington state. Coast to coast!


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