Mango Mule

Take the taste of summer with you all year long with fruity and spicy Mango Moscow Mule

Mango Moscow Mule from The Girl In The Little Red Kitchen

The summer slowdown has begun, Labor Day is next week and Autumn is just around the corner.  This may sound crazy from the lover of fall weather, but who’s with me on not wanting to let summer go just yet?

I’ve been so busy working working working the last few weeks that I haven’t enjoyed much of summer at all.  Two trips to the beach and a failed attempt to watch the Perseids Meteor Shows (darn clouds!) does not make for lasting summer memories.  That’s life right? Gone are the carefree summer days of not having a worry in the world except do you go to the beach or the pool?

Mango Mule |

It’s all good though because as adults we can still find ways to hold onto summer a little longer.

The best way, with an easy, fruity cocktail.

Fun fact – did you know that mangos are pretty much always in season? Their growing season is both in the spring/summer and the fall/winter, which is why you can pretty much always find a decent mango year round.  Always a good thing if you ask me – because I find just a little hint of mango gives you that summer feeling – a perfect pickup in the dead of winter.

Of course – we are not even close to the dead of winter yet, let’s not go there!

Mango Moscow Mule |

For now we still have a few more weeks of summer to hang on to and it should be done with one of these Mango Mules!  If you guys have been reading this blog long enough, you know I like my flavored Moscow Mules, from the original, to cranberry and pear pomegranate.

Vodka is a blank canvas for the fruit pairing and it’s hard to find a fruit that doesn’t match up with spicy ginger beer.

This Mango Moscow Mule recipe originally appeared on Food Fanatic.

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