Kimchi Rice Cakes with Beef Bulgogi

Turn leftover rice into a completely new dinner with crispy Kimchi Rice Cakes with Beef Bulgogi. 

Kimchi Rice Cakes with Beef Bulgogi from The Girl In The Little Red Kitchen | The best use for leftover rice! Turn it into an entirely new dinner with crispy rice cakes!

Despite the fact that I’ve been cooking for two people (and before that just one person) for over 10 years, there are some dishes that I can’t manage to make without a bunch of leftovers.  I’m not counting the meals that I actually want to get leftovers from, such as casseroles and baked pasta dishes but just your average nightly dinner.

When I cook up mashed potatoes I’m almost always guaranteed with a weird amount left, same with orzo and especially rice.   What is it with rice?  It’s either too little or too much but never just the right amount.  I can’t be the only one that has this problem right?  Too little you can make do with by just doubling up on the vegetables but let’s face it, leftover rice can sometimes end up in the deepest darkest corners of the refrigerator.

What if I said there’s a fix to it and it’s something other than fried rice?  Something that turns last nights leftovers into an entirely new meal and actually encourages you to double up on that rice making the day before!

Kimchi Rice Cakes with Beef Bulgogi |

It almost sounds too good to be true, but it’s not.  You my friend just haven’t met the rice cake yet and I’m not talking about the puff tasteless ones beloved of diet-trends everywhere.

What I’m talking about are crispy cakes loaded up with spicy kimchi ready to be topped with homemade beef bulgogi and colorful quick pickled vegetables.

I totally get that cooking Asian food can be scary and the ingredient lists are always long but most of what happens in this recipe is inactive on your part.  The night before while you clean up from dinner (and wrap up that leftover rice), you get the marinade started for the beef and those vegetables pickling.  If you happen to have a mandoline, you’ve just knocked off a ton of prep time too because it’s julienned those carrots and cucumbers in seconds.

See now it doesn’t seem so difficult after all does it?  All the prep has been done and it’s time to get cooking to get a delicious and fun dinner on the table!

Hungry? Want the recipe? Just click on over at SheKnows to grab it now to make dinner tonight!

This recipe is a sponsored collaboration between Sheknows and Rice Select.  All opinions as always are my own.  This post also contains affiliate links. 

Kimchi Rice Cakes with Beef Bulgogi |

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  1. Shinee

    I love me some kimchi!! I sometimes make kimchi pancake, but never ever thought of kimchi rice cakes. Sounds amazing, especially if you say they’re crispy!!


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