Keeping your Dog Healthy with HardyPet Nutrition

Let’s take a step back from the human food for a moment today and instead talk about keeping your dog healthy with HardyPet Nutrition and their Blue Box bundle.

Sir Pugsley |

This is a sponsored conversation on behalf of HardyPet Nutrition.  As always all opinions are my own and thank you for supporting brands that I work with.

If you’ve been reading this blog long enough you know that I love my dog, I mean really love him.

I mean, he’s in my logo, he ends up in a majority of the conversations I have with my friends – heck my friends even ask how he is if they haven’t seen me in a while.  Even my mom tells me to give him kisses from grandma.  Sir Pugsley is part of the family, this dog knows it and might even take advantage of that unconditional love a bit too.

Who can blame him really when you have a face like that and is a constant source of love and snuggles?

Which is why I take his nutrition as serious as my own.

HardyPet Nutrition Blue Box Bundle |

We knew from day one that bringing a pug into our lives would come with health issues.  Knock on wood, 5 and 1/2 years later, he’s still as healthy as a puppy but that’s not to say he doesn’t have some issues.

Visiting my home will guarantee one thing – okay two, an enthusiastic pug and hair all over your clothing.  Dude is a shedder, I just assumed it was a breed issue but the folks at HardyPet were nice enough to take the time out to really discuss the reasoning behind it.  It’s true hair loss is common, pugs shed with the season but excessive amounts or hot spots (luckily he does not have those) could be related to a compromised immune system.  This is why a daily vitamin is important for him to consume.

You see even if you feed your dog the best dry kibble or a raw/home cooked diet they may not be getting all the vitamins and minerals they need to maintain a healthy diet.  Dry kibble especially lacks a good deal of what your pup needs to stay healthy due to the way the food is manufactured.

HardyPet Nutrition Data Fact

On top of the shedding my poor guys deals with seasonal allergies just like you and I and I’m not even going to get started on the gas.  Oh my….

The gas is likely due to a digestive issue related to yeast, which is where a daily probiotic comes into play. We’ve been using the HardyPet Complete and Canine Pro6 for about a month now and while his issues aren’t fixed I’ve definitely noticed some improvement.  Digestion is better and making Sir Pugsley more regular (sorry but bathroom talk happens when you own a dog!), early spring allergies don’t seem to be affecting him too much and he’s scratching less than before.  I think with more time and attention to his overall diet we’ll have him fit and healthy in no time!

HardyPet Nutrition |

Curious if HardyPet Nutrition is right for your pup?

This is what you’d get with your Blue Box Bundle:

  • HardyPet Complete – daily chewable multi-vitamin that most dogs think is a treat, helps with issues related to skin/coat, digestion, heart health, immune function, and joint health.
  • HardyPet Canine Pro6 – This canine specific probiotic will provide your dog with a daily source of the flora they need will help combat yeast overgrowth and much more.
  • HardyPet Premium Fish Oil – The benefits we humans get from fish oil applies to your dog too! The Omega?3’s found in fish oil play a large role in how their immune system produces natural anti?inflammatory compounds, maintaining good heart health, and helping older dogs with a variety of issues.
  • HardyChews are made from natural deer antlers which are naturally shed each year in the wild, because of the natural toughness HardyChews will not splinter and last longer than synthetic chews.

The Blue Box bundle offers a complete approach to canine supplementation at a discounted price, which is a great introduction for any pet parent learning the need of supplementation for their dog.

To learn more about HardyPet and their commitment to improve the health of dogs in shelters visit their website.

Oh and for a little fun, watch this video of Sir Pugsley enjoying his HardyChew (it’s barely left his side since we gave it to him) and getting his daily probiotic!

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12 thoughts on “Keeping your Dog Healthy with HardyPet Nutrition

  1. Angie

    We love our dog too! He’s a big lab, and if he eats too much dog food, or I forget to give him his fish oil, his fur and skin really start to mess up. I give him fish oil, glucosamine, and just started with a probiotic to help his gassy ways. Especially because he stole a loaf of bread off the counter and had a huge gas bubble so bad it lead to vomitting and an emergency vet visit. He was acting like he ate something nonfood that made him have a blockage. I thought he was going to die, and the crazy guy just had gas. Boys are such huge babies, whether they are human or animal! I can’t wait tot try these products! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Susan Palmer

      Oh my goodness Angie! I’m so glad that it was just gas but I bet it was a scary experience at the time. Boys are babies, Sir Pugsley totally gets in a mopey mood when he isn’t feeling 100%, which of course makes me feel bad. They worm their way into our hearts!

  2. Renee - Kudos Kitchen

    Susan, I really appreciate this post. We’ve been dealing with health issues with our Boston Terrier, Nutmeg, for the past several months so this really hits home with me. I’ve known you’re a pug lover for sometime, and it’s really fun to get to see (and hear) you talk about your furkids.

  3. Kirsten/ComfortablyDomestic

    Sir Pugsley is about the best name ever for a pug! My coonhound sheds so much that I’m looking for a small puppy in the pile of hair after I brush her. Her poor skin gets so itchy and inflamed that I’ve been thinking of giving her fish oil to see if it would help.

    1. Susan Palmer

      Oh your poor pup! The itching has got to be the worst. We also joke that when we vacuum a ghost pug ends up in there thanks to the hair.


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