Chimichurri Roast Potatoes

Crispy and tender, tossed in a tangy sauce Chimichurri Roast Potatoes are a must make side dish for dinner tonight. 
Chimichurri Roast Potatoes from The Girl In The Little Red Kitchen

This post today is sponsored by the Idaho Potato Commission.

Love is in the air throughout the month of February.  At first glance it may seem like this month is all about romance, couples and chocolate but if you dig a little deeper something else is getting the love too.  Have you guessed yet? It’s potato lovers month!  Truth be told, I didn’t know until recently that February was the official month for potato love because I celebrate my love for the great spud all year long. 

Potatoes make an appearance at the Little Red Kitchen table at the very least 2 times a week, maybe 3.  They are just so versatile, healthy and delicious!

Chimichurri Roast Potatoes from The Girl In The Little Red Kitchen

The Idaho Potato Commission recently reached out to me asking if I would participate in a virtual side dish challenge to help celebrate potato lovers month along with 5 other bloggers.  We were each tasked to come up with a side dish utilizing Idaho® Potatoes which would go to public vote.  The lucky winner of the challenge will have a $5,000 donation from the Idaho Potato Commission to Meals On Wheels in their state in their name.   Of course at the end of the day we are all winners with 6 new side dishes to add to our repertoire. 

As I said potatoes make a regular appearance at my table and one of those forms is to simply roast them up. Can you really say no to a potato that is crispy on the inside yet tender and fluffy on the inside?  Everyone knows how to roast potatoes though, I needed something to make them extra special. 

Insert chimichurri sauce – this tangy Argentinian sauce is traditional served alongside grilled meats but I thought it would taste great tossed in potatoes.  Tangy from the vinegar, a bit of heat from the raw garlic and red pepper flakes and finished with fresh herbs.  It is simple yet sublime and completely amps up a standard method to cook potatoes. 

Head on over to the Idaho Potato Commission website for the recipe and don’t forget to vote here for the virtual side dish challenge (ahem you’ll need to scroll down to get to me 🙂 ).

Chimichurri Roast Potatoes from The Girl In The Little Red Kitchen

Disclaimer: I was provided with potatoes from the Idaho Potato Commission for recipe development as well as compensation.  All opinions stated are my own. 

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  1. Lori @ Foxes Love Lemons

    I know it’s Potato Lovers Month, but is there a Chimichurri Lovers Month? Because I would literally throw a party for that! Love this simple but DELISH side dish, and I really like how you left the chimichurri kind of chunky.


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