Broccoli Pesto ~ Guest Post at Total Noms

Love pesto but want to change things up a bit? Try Broccoli Pesto for a great big dose of vegetable goodness along side your pasta dinner! 

Broccoli Pesto

I love belonging to a CSA – picking up farm fresh fruits and vegetables twice a month 5 minutes from my apartment is something I look forward to every summer and fall.  It’s a fabulous feeling to not have to worry about having food in my house because I always know I have some sort of veggie sitting around in my fridge waiting to be turned into something delicious.  

However at times things can get a little crazy, like when I walked home with 3 large heads of broccoli for two people to consume!  Sure I could have blanched and frozen some for later in the year but my freezer is already full of important things (like cookies, ahem balance friends).  So when the crop is bumping,  the first thing I turn to is pesto.  Whether you realize it or not but you can essentially turn anything into pesto.  Tossed on some pasta with a little ricotta and you have a quick, delicious and healthy meal. 

This is also why I thought it would be the perfect meal to share with my friend Mallory at Total Noms.  See Mallory just got married last week (actually the day before my anniversary, I’ll never forget hers now) and she’s off honeymooning with her honey.   Mallory’s only care when she comes home is enjoying being a newlywed but since she does have to eat, Broccoli Pesto will get dinner on the table quickly!  

Click over to Total Noms for the recipe and don’t forget to say hello! 

Broccoli Pesto

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