Sponsor Spotlight: Hungry Couple

Have you noticed a new little box in the right hand section of my blog labeled “Sponsors.” 

No?  Well take a look, because each month a new blogger will featured in that spot.  For the month of October,  the Hungry Couple, has been sitting pretty there begging for you to take a trip over.  

Now I’m going to tell you a little bit about Anita, one half of the Hungry Couple! By the time I’m done, if you aren’t drooling, I don’t know what’s wrong with you!

Anita at Hungry Couple

Anita lives in NYC, like me, but she’s a Manhattanite, with her husband Brian and her adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Hadley, aka The Furry Sous Chef.   On the weekends they escape to the peace and quiet of eastern Long Island.  

It was my intention to cook and photograph one of Anita’s dishes for her spotlight.  I got the cooking part done, but my week was a little hectic and the photographing never happened.  Let me tell you though, I now understand why her macaroni salad is one of her most popular recipes!  I whipped that up for dinner during the week last week and it was fantastic! Make the entire batch too, because the leftovers keep getting better as the days progress. 

Anita is also your go-to person for cocktails.  Need a seasonal drink for a party or to wind down on Friday afternoon?  She’s your person.  Every Friday, a new drink recipe is posted, the latest – Pumpkin Party Martini. 

We have sides, and drinks, let’s talk entrees.  She will take your classic recipe and rework into something new and mouthwatering.  I’ve been dying to try her sheperd’s pie.  It’ll happen one of these days! 

Oh and I can’t leave before I tell you about Anita’s obsession – albeit amazingly wonderful obsession with all things crumb.  If there is a cake, she will put a crumb topping on it.  It’s fantastic – no it is the best thing on earth.  Pumpkin crumb cake  or Lemon coffee cake with crumb topping – I can’t decide!!

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