A Lobster Feasts in Brooklyn

Getting ready to enter the pot

Way back in the beginning of May, Groupon popped up with an offer for a Lobster dinner for 4 for only $105 from GetMaineLobster.com.

The dinner included 4 crab cakes, 4 pounds of mussels and 4 lobsters overnighted from Maine straight to your front door. 

Now we all know that I love lobster and there was no way I was going to turn this down.

With our dining companions locked down for the deal, all that was needed was to set a date. 

Fast forward 4 months later and our lobster feast has finally arrived. 

The package came around 10:30 am, the box clearly marked that the items were perishable! At least our Fedex man knew to not miss this delivery (he has a history of not delivering things even if we are home)


They were sealed up nicely in a Styrofoam cooler, with ice packs and seaweed.  We even heard them clicking away. 

hello friends

Since dinner wasn’t until 6:30, I just put everything into the fridge as is, but with the top off the cooler. 

I will note here that due to a small mishap, our order was (graciously) upgraded by getmainelobster.  We now had 7 lobsters to enjoy and 4 crab cakes, but no mussels since the tide was low and they had too many orders going out for the amount they had in stock.  I won’t complain though.  I love mussels, but I love lobster more! I also failed to take any photos of the crab cakes because we ate them too quickly, but I can tell you that they were more crab than filler, large and delicious!

This time around I decided to steam the lobsters.  Steaming usually takes a little longer than boiling, but ends up with more tender meat. 

To steam your lobsters, place 2 inches of salted water in the bottom of your stock pot and bring to a boil.  Insert a steaming rack (I didn’t have one large enough for my 6 quart pot, so I just dropped them in) and cook for 15 minutes until the lobsters are red and cooked through.  A good test of doneness is if one of the antennas easily pulls out.

Take the lobsters out of the pot – be careful not to burn yourself from the steam, it’s hot.

Pile of Lobsters

Serve with either clarified butter or a lemon butter sauce, which is what we had. 

Lemon Butter Sauce

2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

10 tablespoons cold unsalted butter, cut into small pieces

In a small sauce pan heat the lemon juice on a medium flame and add the butter one piece at a time whisking until completely melted.  Add the next piece of butter and continue to whisk.  Continue on until all 10 tablespoons are mixed in, but make sure you don’t add the next piece until the previous one is melted.  By doing so you are creating an emulsion, which gives you a nice thick butter sauce to dip your lobster in. 

Divide the sauce evenly into 4 ramekins for dipping.

Lemon Butter Sauce

Our feast isn’t over yet though, let’s not forget about dessert!

Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop

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