Guest Post: Hellgate CSA

This week on “CSA’s around NYC” we represent Queens.  I welcome one of my oldest friends Ki.p to the blog to write about her CSA, Hellgate.  All photos were done by her, and I highly recommend visiting her website, she is an excellent photographer.


I participate in the Hellgate CSA, this is my 2nd year.

We pick up our produce in the back of the Fresh Start Organic Market.

All of our produce comes in boxes and our portions are posted on a chalkboard.

Things are very organized, and there are CSA member volunteers available to help and answer questions.

This is a picture of our crappy scales. There are only two, and they both look like this. Sometime last year one of the volunteers felt compelled to tape over the Kg portion of the scale, to prevent confusion. 

It is the one downside to this system, sometimes you have to wait your turn. But I am usually in and out of there in under 5 minutes, so I can’t really complain. Plus, there’s no cashier at the end!

We also have a fruit share, and it’s the same set up, on the other side of the room. In the back there are sometimes set up for herb, dairy and meat shares as well.

And the final haul this week: Lettuce, white peaches, donut peaches, plums, radishes, purple pepper, tomatoes, green pepper, cucumber, zucchini, yellow squash, and something funky!


Thanks again for taking the photos and writing this up! Now we have Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan represented.  Anyone out there in a Bronx or Staten Island CSA?  Let’s get all 5 boroughs covered.  

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