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I have something exciting to share with all of you, but I can’t tell you exactly everything just yet. 

Yesterday afternoon, with some perfect timing and quick typing skills (I knew all those piano lessons that gave me speedy typing fingers would help me out one day!), I became the newest members of Cupcake Project’s Quest for the Ultimate Vanilla Cupcake Recipe. 

Stef, the very talented baker behind Cupcake Project, decided to set out to create the ultimate vanilla cupcake but she needed some testers to help her out.  Hundreds of people volunteered and only 50 were picked.

I wasn’t picked at first, but for the second round of testing some people backed out and I got in.  

I can’t share yet the recipe or what I think, but keep a look out because once this project is over I’ll be sharing my thoughts and the recipe with you.


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