Prince George CSA

This past week I had the opportunity to take a firsthand look at how another CSA operates in this fine city that I live in. 

My friend was going to be out of town the day of her pick up and asked if I wouldn’t mind getting her share and dropping it off at her apartment.  

With no objections from me, I went over to pick up the Prince George CSA on Thursday evening.  It was interesting to see the differences between her CSA and mine.  At PG everything is laid out in bins with a tag in front telling you how many pounds to take and right next to it is the scale to measure.  You move around from bin to bin collecting your share for the week.  It takes time and the lines can get a little backed up when one scale is shared between two baskets. 

At my CSA, Ditmas Park, our weighed items are already measured out by the volunteers for that week and then we go to the help yourself area – which is take one of this, two of that, etc… 

Seeing the two, I do have to say, I like our system better.  It’s more efficient and there is no worry about misjudging what you are weighing.  

What I will say about Prince George is, for a what they consider a single share they got a lot.  This is the height of summer now and produce is in full swing, so all of us who do belong to a CSA are bringing home plentiful baskets but I don’t ever remember receiving that much when we did the equivalent share last year (this year we are splitting a full share with another couple). 

Without keeping you waiting any longer, here is a glimpse of what the members of Prince George are bringing home. 

On a side note, I would love to keep featuring CSA’s around the city.  If anyone wants to do a guest post please let me know.  

Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop

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