Picnicking – Amtrak Style

Last Saturday DH and I departed NY Penn Station bright and early for our vacation to Montreal.  

We had an 11 hour train ride ahead of us and I was not going to eat from the slim picking at the bar car.  

So Friday evening, I packed us up a picnic basket that I think might have been the envy of the passengers sitting around us.  

As soon as we were out of the tunnel and had views that were a little nicer than The Bronx, we unpacked breakfast.  

Blueberry  muffin bars and farm fresh hard boiled eggs.

Around noon and further up the Hudson we broke out lunch, which was what I was really looking forward too.  I popped into the specialty market in our neighborhood and picked out what looked like some incredible cheese and a sweet salami.  

From your left, an Italian cows milk cheese studded with truffles (oh so amazing), a young manchego, boursin, and sweet sopressata.  All rounded out with a baguette, hummus and chips.  Also turns out Amtrak sells beer!

This was a fantastic way to start our vacation, which I always joke as eating our way through whatever city we visit.  Stay tuned for Montreal in food. 

Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop

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