CSA Week 1

Today marks the start of my local CSA, I have been looking forward to this week since our CSA ended last December. 

There is nothing like picking up a fresh box of produce each week sourced from a local farm that was picked out of the ground either that morning or a day or two before. You take a risk when joining a CSA, never knowing how your farmers crop is going to turn out, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

What is a CSA?

A CSA stands for community supported or shared agriculture.  You are purchasing a share from a local or regional farm and in return you receive a crop of various vegetables and fruits.  The pick-up is generally in a location convenient to your home and there are many different CSAs with different offerings all over the city.  Depending on the share you choose it can cost anywhere from $400-600 for the season (about 20 weeks) and is payable up front.   This is enables your farmer to plan his or her season.

This is the second year I am participating and I am amazed at how much it has changed my eating habits.  I now do my best to eat seasonally and to have one or two vegetarian or meat light meals a week.  During the peak of my CSA season, I definitely focus more on the vegetable aspect of my dinners and protein is more of an accompaniment.

I also decided to do a few add-ons that I did not participate in last year.  This year, along with my vegetable and fruit share, I will be getting half a dozen eggs each week (Have you ever had farm fresh eggs? No? Well you should, they are delicious.) and a mystery jarred item.  Our farmer keeps bees, so I might end up with honey, something pickled or salsa.

Each week, I’ll recap what I’ve received in my CSA share, starting with tonight!

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