French Macarons + A #Giveaway!
Author: Susan Palmer
The recipe below is just for the macaron shell. In my notes I will include the types of fillings that I used. Filling options are endless when it comes to macarons. Also when it comes to coloring your shells, make sure to purchase gel food coloring. Liquid food coloring will throw off the amount of moisture in your recipe. A few other things to keep in mind: 1)Try to age your egg whites, at least by 1 day 2) Use parchment paper over a silpat, I found the Marcarons baked better and removed easier on parchment 3) Weigh everything, that's why my measurements are in grams. These are finicky cookies and we need to be precise on the measurements.
  • 150 grams egg whites - aged at least 1 day
  • 45 grams white sugar
  • 300 grams powdered sugar
  • 180 grams almond meal
  • optional: 4 and ½ tablespoons cocoa powder for chocolate Macarons
  • optional: gel food coloring of your choice, the exact amount depends on the color you want. Start small and increase.
  1. Using your stand mixer with the whisk attachment, whisk together the egg whites and white sugar on low (#2 setting) for 2 minutes or until the egg whites start to foam.
  2. After 2 minutes increase the speed to the #4 setting and whip for another 2-3 minutes. At this point more air will incorporate into the egg whites.
  3. Finally, increase the speed to #6-7 and whip until a stiff peak forms about 5-6 minutes more. This is also the best time to add your gel food coloring if you are using any.
  4. You know your eggs are at the perfect consistency if you can take the mixing bowl and turn it upside down and nothing falls out.
  5. Using a food processor, place the powdered sugar and almond meal in the bowl (cocoa powder too if using) and pulse for 30 seconds, until it is a fine meal.
  6. Transfer to a large mixing bowl and add the egg whites. This is one of those times we are not concerned with deflating your whites. Fold in the whites, mixing well - about 50-60 times until everything is fully incorporated. The batter should look like lava at the end.
  7. Transfer to a prepared piping bag and have 3 baking sheets lined with parchment paper nearby.
  8. Pipe the batter onto the baking sheet. The best way to pipe is to pipe straight down and then do a little swish with the tip. Move on to the next one. It takes time to get this movement right but that's what practice is about.
  9. Once everything is piped. Tap the baking sheet hard against your counter to get any air bubbles out and let it sit in a cool space (not any place humid) for at least an hour. You are looking for a shell to form over the Macaron.
  10. After sitting, pre-heat your oven to 300 degrees.
  11. Bake one tray at a time for 15 minutes, rotating halfway through (I like to bake for 8 minutes, rotate and then finish baking for another 7).
  12. Opening the oven halfway, lets steam escape and helps your Macarons puff and achieve "the foot"
  13. Let cool completely, and fill with one of the options below or one of your choice.

These are the 4 flavors that I used:
Meyer Lemon Curd (I did an adaption of this recipe)
Homemade Nutella
Mint Chocolate Ganache - very simple heat ⅓ cup heavy cream and pour over ⅔ cup bittersweet chocolate. Melt until smooth and then add 1-2 teaspoons of pure mint extract. Set up in the fridge and pipe.
Peanut Butter and Jelly

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