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Thank you for visiting my blog, this page is a chance for me to tell you a little more about myself.

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The Little Red Kitchen is a place for me to share recipes, culinary adventures around the world and food or drink related events here in New York City where I reside.

I have no formal culinary training, I learned to cook from watching my mom, Julia Child, Jacques Pepin, Alton Brown and Sara Moulton.  I have fond memories of watching those shows on PBS with my parents and later on sitting in my room at night watching Good Eats and Cooking Live.  I had clearly developed a passion for food at an early age.

Eventually, I put everything I soaked in on TV to test and started to cook.  Turns out, I wasn’t half bad!  In the last few years I started to become more serious in my cooking and baking and started to stray away from recipes.  I developed original recipes and cooked more by feel than by structure.

The recipes you will find here are original or inspired from a recipe that I came across.  Some are also adapted and I always give credit where it is due.

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I live in Brooklyn, NY with my husband and the cutest dog ever. I cook in my 80 square foot, newly remodeled kitchen  (I wasn’t kidding when I said it was little)!

I love life in NYC and the culinary opportunities it offers.  I try to go to as many food events as my calendar will allow and if there is a good beer event, you are certain to find me there!

While I don’t consider myself a reviewer, if I have a special meal out, I will recap it here from time to time.





On cookware -

le creuset

A sampling of my Le Creuset collection

I have a small obsession with Le Creuset and am amassing a small army of Le Creuset pots and pans.  The majority of what I cook is on one of these, which will not affect the result of my recipes, but I like to note that if you have some Le Creuset or cast iron pans to use them with my recipes.


1st place judges choice & 3rd place people’s choice Brooklyn Ice Cream TakedownThe Belgian Supreme Ice Cream

1st place Marx Foods Integrale GauntletLemon Risotto with Fava Beans and Shrimp

1st place judges and people’s choice Jimmy’s No. 43 2nd annual Duck-Off – Deviled Duck Bacon

1st place people’s choice Brooklyn Cookie TakedownChocolate Salty Car-Mal-Lard Cookies

2nd place Edible Brooklyn’s Third Annual Latke Recipe ContestSquash and Potato Latkes

3rd place judge’s choice Brooklyn Mac and Cheeze TakedownLobstah Fondue Mac and Cheese with Truffle Cheese Croutons

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