Kitchen Renovation – Day 1: Demolition

One of the first resolutions that I made at the beginning of 2011 was to get my kitchen renovated by the summer.

We knew our budget was meager, but I was going to make it happen.  I started picking up some Kitchen and Bath magazines to get ideas and to make sure I wasn’t completely clueless when I interviewed contractors.

By April, I joined Angie’s List to start looking for contractors.

After rifling through the giant list, I finally compiled a few names and started calling.  The few contractors that actually got back to me basically laughed in my face once I told them what we were looking to spend.  I was starting to think perhaps this project was not going to happen this year, or maybe we should just DIY a few things to spruce up the kitchen.

Then I came across our contractor, he came to our apartment for a meeting.  I told him our budget, he said he could make it work.  The next day he e-mail me his proposal and he didn’t lie. 

So about a month and a half after our first meeting (you have love delays when dealing with a Co-Op – although props to my board they came back with the approval right away, it was the management company that delayed us) we finally started work.

Destruction! Goodbye kitchen! They had everything knocked down a hour after starting.

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